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Fund Name   Description
Field of Interest
Pat Pantuso Legacy Fund Donate Pat’s family has established the Pat Pantuso Legacy Fund to honour her long-standing leadership and support of the performing arts community in the Comox Valley.
Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund Donate This fund supports and advances our community's arts and culture programs and activities, including but not limited to, community heritage and local cultural traditions, theatre, dance, literature, film and video, music, crafts, painting and sculpture.
Children's Enrichment Fund Donate To enrich lives of children in the Comox Valley, and, where possible, children with special needs.
Children & Youth Field of Interest Fund Donate Supporting children and youth in the Comox Valley (prenatal to 24 years)
DeLuca Veale Investment Counsel Inc. Fund Donate For grants in the area of 'Children & Youth'.
Developmental Disabilities Fund Donate To promote the well-being and enrich the lives of mentally handicapped persons living in the Comox Valley including, by supporting charitable organizations that provide recreational and social activities for persons with developmental disabilites. Not to support faith based organizations.
Education, Participation & Leadership Field of Interest Fund Donate To support and advance educational programs and initiatives that build individual citizen's capacity for leadership and effective participation in community life.
Environment Field of Interest Fund Donate To encourage innovative approaches to and support community based management and stewardship of land, natural resources and the environment.
George and Marianne Muir Fund Donate Encouraging and supporting innovative approaches to community based management and stewardship of land, natural resources and the environment in the Comox Valley.
Health & Wellness Field of Interest Fund Donate To support and advance social and health programs and activities that contribute to the development of health communities. Health includes, but is not limited to social determinants of health and health promotion.
Help the Homeless Fund Donate To overcome the underlying causes and alleviate the effects of homelessness in the Comox Valley.
Jack & Lillian Lefcoe Fund Donate Supporting those with mental challenges and disabilities and the welfare of wild and domestic animals.
Janine Martin & Family Environmental Fund Donate Supporting environmental initiatives.
Joyce Perkins Fund Donate Discretionary and music and theatre.
King Salmon Club Fund Donate Salmon enhancement and the development and preservation of other fish stocks and the marine environment.
Len & Gwen Willing Fund Donate For the benefit of the elderly in the Comox Valley.
Randy Wiwchar Legacy Fund Donate To support the development of local children and youth through their participation in academic, athletic, cultural (including arts, dance, music, theatre, etc.), recreational, vocational and other activities provided by community organizations in the Courtenay area in circumstances where funding is a barrier to participation.
Rotary Club of Courtenay Foundation Fund Donate For the relief of poverty and the advancement of education, as advised by the Rotary Club of Courtenay.
Seniors Field of Interest Fund Donate Supporting seniors in the Comox Valley.
The Honourable Stanley B Hagen Fund Donate Discretionary funds, but no funds shall be disbursed to organizations which provide services of (or related to) human contraception, abortion or assisted suicide or which advocate for the provision of such services.
The Womens Crisis and Transition Fund Donate To support and fund women’s crisis centres and transition houses for women in abusive relationships.
Community Fund
Community Fund Donate The Community Fund offers the most flexibility to fund emerging priorities and address needs as they change over time, while supporting a range of charitable interests. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how valuable the Community Fund is – allowing us to direct dollars where and when they are needed most.
Ad Clement Family Fund Donate
Archie Watson Family Fund Donate
Auchterlonie Family Fund Donate
Betty (Baker) Moore Fund Donate
Canadian Union of Public Employees (Courtenay Unit) Fund Donate
Comox Valley Desk Top Publishers Association Fund Donate
DiCastri Family Fund Donate
Directors Fund Donate
Duxbury Family Fund Donate
Eileen & George Rispin Fund Donate
Erik & Beverley Eriksson Family Fund Donate
First Credit Union Fund Donate
George L. Hobson Family Fund Donate
Gordon Family Fund Donate
Griffith-Cochrane & Lovely Families Fund Donate
Harder Family Fund Donate
Harold Stevens Contracting Ltd. Fund Donate
H. Leighton Family Fund Donate
Hornby Island Community Fund Donate The income of the fund to be disbursed as recommended annually by the directors of the Hornby Island Community Fund.
Janet & Harry Simms Fund Donate
John & Linda McLean Fund Donate
Leslie & John King Fund Donate
Loraine & Stanley Nixon Fund Donate
Mary Clifton Family Fund Donate
Melba Cronk Memorial Fund Donate
Meyers Norris Penny Fund Donate
Michael Naish Family Fund Donate
Mona & Eileen Turnbull Fund Donate
Norman & Lisa Leung Fund Donate
Peter Doherty Fund Donate
Poje Family Fund Donate
Presley Family Fund Donate
Presley & Partners Fund Donate
Robert (Rocky) Williams Family Fund Donate
Roberts & Adela Smith Family Fund Donate
Ron & Linda Parke Family Fund Donate
Russell & Hazel Waldie Family Fund Donate
Stephens & Jones Fund Donate
Swift Datoo & Co. Fund Donate
Terry Ryan Fund Donate
Thomas & Roberta Feely Fund Donate
Valerie J. & Richard D. Graham Fund Donate
Village of Cumberland Fund Donate
Waypoint Insurance Donate
Wharram Family Fund Donate
Comox Valley Community Arts Council Endowment Fund Donate Agency fund for Comox Valley Community Arts Council
Comox Valley Hospice Society Fund Donate Agency fund for the Comox Valley Hospice Society.
Comox Valley Project Watershed Society Agency Fund Donate Agency fund for the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society.
Comox Valley Schools Education Enrichment Fund Donate
Comox Valley Transition Society Endowment Fund Donate Agency fund for the Comox Valley Transition Society
Courtenay & District Museum Fund Donate Agency fund for Courtenay & District Museum
Filberg Lodge and Park Association Fund Donate Agency fund for Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park
Micah Messent Future Watersheds Fund Donate Established in memory of Micah Messent, an ardent young environmentalist whose mission was to protect the world’s oceans, the income from this Fund will be used annually to support a youth engagement program at Comox Valley Project Watershed Society. Micah, originally from the Comox Valley, was killed in the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 crash in March 2019, when he was on his way to join the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya.
Oyster River Conservation Fund Donate Agency fund for Oyster River Enhancement Society
Sid Williams Theatre Fund Donate Agency fund for Sid Williams Theatre Society
The North Island College Foundation Fund Donate Agency fund for NIC Foundation
The St. Andrew's Church Preservation Fund Donate Agency fund for the preservation and maintenance of St. Andrew's Church and St. Andrew's Church cemetery adjacent to the church.
Arne Olsen Fund Donate To support the Hornby Festival Society's charitable activities (the provision of performing arts) on Hornby Island.
Chrissie May Ingleby Fund Donate Designated fund to support Rotoplast International and BC Children's Hospital
Sustainability Fund (CVCF Operations Endowment) Donate Designated fund to support CVCF Operations. "It is my hope that other members of our community will contribute to the Fund and that it may provide a focus for donors wishing to ensure the long term viability of the Foundation." - Marianne Muir
Jim & Marjorie Walden Fund Donate Designated fund equally supporting the Comox Valley Corps of the Salvation Army and the Comox Valley Regional District for the purposes of its Sports and Aquatic Centre at 3001 Vanier Drive.
Robin & Jennifer Harrison Environmental Fund Donate Designated fund supporting Comox Valley Project Watershed Society
Tess Trueman Fund Donate Designated fund to support Denman Seniors & Museum Society
Arthur and Phyllis Ramsell Fund Donate This bursary is provided from a fund established by Arthur and Phyllis Ramsell. The recipient must be pursuing a career in the field of health care. The Ramsell's interests are in supporting higher education, firstly in the areas of nursing and secondly, in general health care.
Beecher Development Ltd. Fund Donate The income of the Fund shall support two deserving students whose ordinary residence is the Comox Valley, one of whom is pursuing or entering an academically-oriented course of post secondary study and the other who is pursuing or entering a vocationally-oriented course of post secondary study.
Ben Bellamy Memorial Scholarship Fund Donate Ben Bellamy was a Grade 11 academic gold honour role student at Highland School. He was tragically killed by a reckless driver on February 21, 1998. Ben was a kind, gentle boy who wanted to become a physician like his father. In a letter of consolation to Ben's parents, one of his fellow students described Ben as the backbone of the class, bright, hard-working, funny, caring, friendly. The scholarship will be awarded annually, to the Grade 12 student at Highland School who, in wishing to pursue postgraduate education, most exhibits the personal attributes that Ben showed high academics, sportsmanlike attitude and a kind, caring personality.
Bud Colbow Scholarship Fund Donate This award supports deserving student(s) whose ordinary residence is in the Comox Valley and is pursuing studies in Agriculture or Forestry.
Courtenay Volunteer Fire Department Bursary Fund Donate
Dolores Woodie Fund Donate To support students in the Comox Valley pursue post-secondary education.
Dr. Robert E. Clarke Bursary Fund Donate a deserving student whose ordinary residence is in the Comox Valley, who is pursuing or entering a course of post secondary study in the health sciences. Student must be pursuing a career in the Health Sciences, demonstrate a high level of academic proficiency, a desire to serve their community and a strong moral character.
Gary Rolston Agrifood Fund Donate to support students' academic training in any agrifood or beverage based programs within colleges, universities or schools that are registered as qualified donees.
Geoff Longland Memorial Bursary Donate In favour of a deserving student whose ordinary residence is in the Comox Valley, who is attending G.P. Vanier Senior Secondary and who is pursuing or entering a course of post secondary study in the field of Engineering at the University of British Columbia.
George T. Cochrane Scholarship Fund Donate In favour of one or more deserving students who attended Georges P. Vanier Secondary School and will be attending post-secondary studies in the field of Education.
Jeff Stewart Memorial Fine Arts Bursary Fund Donate The Fund will support a student graduating from School District No. 71, who is pursuing performing or fine arts education at a public, post-secondary institution. Within their applications, applicants should demonstrate the qualities of community-mindedness, creativity, determination, innovative thinking, and a passion/“Spark” for the fine arts, all of which Jeff Stewart embodied. Jeff believed that the future of humanity rests on the universal right of all girls and women to a full education. He also believed in the critical nature of inclusiveness. As such, preference will be given to female, female-identifying, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and/or LGBTQIA2S+ applicants. Applicants must also demonstrate financial need and may choose to defer the award for up to one year.
Harold Rodney Christie Scholarship Fund Donate to assist a student of the medical sciences with their university fees
Emerging Fund
Alexandre Family Fund Donate This is an Emerging Fund. The Donors have resolved to establish a permanent, open Donor Advised Endowment Fund with CVCF. The minimum required to activate the Fund will be achieved over the next five years. The purpose of the Fund is to support charitable activities or organizations within Environmental Protection, Societal Equity, Inclusivity, Individual Wellbeing, and Health objects.
Benjamin Helpard Fund Donate The income earned will be directed to support adults with diverse abilities and mental health initiatives. This is an emerging fund and will not distribute income until the fund minimum is met.
Heeringa-Witthoeft Family Fund Donate Heeringa-Witthoeft Family Fund is set up as an emerging fund and a pledge to donate to reach the minimum requirement within 5 years. No grants will be distributed until the minimum balance is achieved.
Other Funds